Corporate Governance

Stockholder Communications Policy

Tenax Therapeutics, Inc. recognizes the value of providing registered stockholders various mechanisms to address communications to the company's Board of Directors. The Board has enacted this policy to assure stockholders ways to communicate with the Board of Directors.

Written Communications
Stockholders who wish to communicate with the Board may do so by sending written communications addressed to:
Tenax Therapeutics, Inc.
ONE Copley Parkway, Suite 490 Morrisville, NC

Annual Meeting of Stockholders
It is also the company's policy that all nominees or directors standing for election at an annual meeting of stockholders attend such annual meeting so that interested stockholders will have an opportunity to address the respective nominees or directors. All registered stockholders as of the record date may attend our annual meeting.


We will acknowledge receipt of all letters submitted. We do not promise to respond to every letter or question submitted to the Board. The decision to respond or not respond is at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors on a case-by-case basis. The Board of Directors will make every effort to answer questions within the boundaries of applicable disclosure, SEC and labor laws.